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The Sun. Clean, Safe,
Renewable. Why Not?

BlueRock Solar is the newest division of BlueRock Energy, a Premier Provider of Electricity and Natural Gas Products and Services, located in Syracuse, New York. BlueRock Energy is a privately held New York based energy solutions company with over 18,000 customers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. BlueRock Solar was launched to provide another component of energy service to our growing customer base. It may seem contrary for BlueRock Energy to suggest our customers produce their own electricity, and thus purchase less from us, but the world is changing rapidly and we value your relationship with us.
BlueRock Solar is built on the same series of core values as BlueRock Energy. These values are evident in our long standing customer relationships where we offer real products and solutions to save you money and keep it simple. The same outstanding service our 18,000 customers receive at BlueRock Energy is evident in BlueRock Solar's approach to service. We are committed to the communities we serve as evidenced by the numerous community service outreach programs we are involved with and the belief in buying and keeping things local.
BlueRock Solar is led by its General Manager, Michael Francis. As a Certified Public Accountant and a veteran of the real estate industry, Michael is keenly aware of the financial and tax incentives available for going solar and is able to communicate the anticipated return on your investment in a simple, easy to understand format. Click here for information on Solar Financial Incentives and Financing Options.