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The Sun. Clean, Safe,
Renewable. Why Not?

BlueRock Solar realizes at outright purchase without financing could be difficult. Financial institutions, some created and subsidized through state governments, realize this as well and many have created customized solutions as a result.There are also leasing options available for solar systems as well as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). BlueRock Solar can assist in these available options so please call to inquire for more information.
The available incentives to get into solar are vast. Some of these incentives may involve the need of consultation with your tax professional.

30% Federal income tax credit
(individual and business)
Customer takes advantage of this benefit which is applied against the total solar installation cost on filing of income tax return. This is arguably the most important incentive for solar power as it is a dollar for dollar credit against your tax and not a deduction against your income.
State income tax credits
These will vary by state. For example, New York State allows for a 25% state income tax credit, up to a maximum of $5,000, for individuals only.